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This is a blog written for couples, from the perspective of a straight married man. I will try my best to make this site as appealing as possible to men and women, and hopefully a lot of couples! Erotic ideas to spark up your sex life, some sexy fictional stories, and some true anecdotes about my sex life with my beautiful loving wife. Above all, this site is about FUN! (Very naughty, sexy, erotic fun.)

Fun mutual masturbation position – face to face with my wife! (Part II)

This post directly follows my last post, which was a few weeks ago.

So my wife and I finally tried this, it was a fantasy I had been wanting to really do for a few weeks. We masturbate together sometimes, but I thought it would be really cool if we sat facing each other while doing this.

The idea was also for us to masturbate with no inhibitions; to just pleasure ourselves exactly as we would if we were doing this separate from each other, like I often do when she goes to bed earlier than I do and I am horny.

So this past Saturday, we sat on our living room sofa and got down to business.

I put on a porn vid. Nothing kinky, just an attractive Hispanic couple having sex. A low key porn, the kind I like best, without a bunch of fake moaning and cheesy music. It was more like heavy breathing and classical music.

We watched the movie for about 10 minutes, getting more and more horny, and losing our clothes as time went on. Then we positioned ourselves on the sofa so we were directly facing each other, legs intertwined. I like to close my eyes when jacking off, so I ignored the movie and started stroking myself. I had to open my eyes now and then though, to see her masturbate. I positioned my balls so they were brushing against her thighs a bit.

It was so hot to be that close to her pussy as she touched herself. She was watching the movie still, and also glancing at my erection, which was inches from her pussy.

A big part of the thrill for me here was not knowing exactly where or how far my cum would spurt out, and hoping to shoot it all over her pussy. Just the thought of my load landing directly on her pussy as she rubbed herself turned me on something fierce for some reason. We generally don’t do things like “The Money Shot” in porn movies, because when we fuck, I just love to shoot my load deep into her; I can barely imagine pulling out of her warm pussy at the very best moment.

We came within second of each other, which rarely happens when we make love. It was a wonderful chain reaction; my heavy breathing turned her on more, so she would get even more hot and sweaty and sigh more, which in turn turned ME on even more, and it escalated pretty quickly into Orgasm. (I didn’t need to capitalize that word, orgasm, but why not, it is such a great word!)

It felt great, and my head tilted back as the waves of pleasure hit me. I wish I could have seen it myself, but I keep my eyes closed at that moment. I was imagining a hot rush of my cum shooting out the head of my cock, and coming back down to land directly in the middle of her spread pussy, mixing with her juices.

Well reality doesn’t always follow the porn script in my head during these kind of things; the cum mostly landed on her thighs and on the towels we had under our asses. But I did get a quick glimpse of some of her pussy spasms near the end of her orgasm when my eyes opened, and some of the cum was getting rubbed into her pink folds as she lay down and exploded with pleasure herself!

All in all, a pretty successful little mutual masturbation session.

And it served another purpose as well; it gave me a little something to remember when I stroke off by myself sometime. And in my head, the actual shooting of my load onto her pussy can happen exactly as I want it to! Just load after load, dripping right in the perfect center of her opening, and her fingers mixing with her cunt juices, using my cum to help lubricate her even further.

I have to go now, putting this all in words gets me pretty hard; probably going to go read a few posts by some other sex bloggers I like. (The ones on my link section on the left of the page, among others.) I Hope I inspired some other couples out there to try out masturbating together while facing each other. Very hot, I highly recommend it.

a b

(Not really us of course, just some random people, just imagine them in the scenario I described! These pics would be the “before,” as in immediately before we got naked and masturbated together.)

Fun Mutual Masturbation Position

Fun Mutual Masturbation Position – sitting face to face – Part I of II


Masturbation Monday

Mutual masturbation while facing each other sounds like a fun idea. I plan to try it out with Clarissa (my wife) in a few days, so the Part II to this post will be coming soon, hopefully before the end of the week!

I should add a little background here; my wife and I are experimenting with more masturbation on weeknights. (I mean doing this activity together, although I also have a few more “solo” sessions as well.) We sometimes are a bit tired from work during the wee,k and it is harder to spend hours in bed making passionate love! We make love on weeknights sometimes of course, but finding fun ways to get each other off is a really nice way to relax and unwind during the week.

Back to the subject at hand…(see what I did there?) We will get ready for bed, and in various states of undress. (I will probably wear some boxer-briefs or maybe a bathrobe with nothing underneath, and as for what Clarissa is wearing, I have no idea. I LOVE surprises, that will be part of the initial fun!

I always spend a lot of time caressing her, and usually undress her along the way as I touch her body. Perhaps I will find a sexy story from a fellow Sex-Blogger, and print it out and read it to her. This gets her super horny! I will probably be naked as well by this point, and we will be sitting on our Queen size bed, face to face. I like to use a study pillow to rest on as I sit up. My cock will be very erect, and she will be lying down, but facing me, with her legs touching my legs. My balls will be brushing up against her thighs. A little skin touching always adds to this kind of fun.

We have never done it quite like I have in mind though. The idea came during foreplay last weekend, we were in that position I described just now, and I thought of how hot it would be if I was watching her masturbate her pussy at the same time she watched me stroke off. Plus the added excitement of having my balls in contact with her thighs during my stroking will take it to a higher level.

I don’t have any idea who will cum first, but I love the idea of being able to open my eyes now and then during my self pleasure, and getting a view of her nice soft breasts jiggling around, and looking down a bit to see her quickly rubbing her clit and pussy. She will be completely spread open, of course, and I love seeing her fingers, slick with her own juices, masturbating herself like mad.

The grand finale I envision is what really has been turning me on for the last couple of days: Shooting a load of hot cum DIRECTLY ON HER PUSSY! As much as I love cum shots in porn, we don’t tend to do this much. During sex, I just LOVE shooting my load into her pussy, and pulling out to put on a theatrical show just doesn’t sound as fun in reality during sex. But this is a different activity; we will be masturbating together, so I will already be stroking off. I really think it will be cool to shoot a load, during masturbation, and knowing that most of it will land right on her pussy and thighs and belly. I almost always close my eyes when I cum, so I probably won’t be able to see the spurting action right as it happens, but her reaction to me shooting a load will keep my orgasm going really strong, I bet. She will know when it is about to land on her, because she will easily be able to tell by my breathing that I am seconds away from shooting a hot load.

I don’t know yet if she will have already cum herself by this point, or if she will still be rubbing herself. If she has already cum by then, she will probably touch my balls or something to turn me on even more, which I will love. But if she has NOT yet cum by this point, she will have some kind of reaction to having my load shoot out all over her pussy and hands, mixed with her cunt juices, all while she is still masturbating herself! And that thought REALLY fucking turns me on.

God, I think I need to stroke off, like RIGHT NOW, just from writing this post and imagining doing this in a few nights time! I must confess, part of why I like writing this sex blog is because I turn MYSELF on writing these posts!

Stay tuned, I’ll write a follow up shortly after my wife and I do this. Probably not the same night though, I am pretty sure I will be too happily exhausted to write something coherent after that.

(No, that is not a real pic of my wife and I…just a stock pic. Besides…we haven’t actually done this activity in the picture yet, and when we do, we won’t have a anyone standing inches away to take a pic like this!)

An update on my erotic fiction writing resurgance, and a completely unrelated pic I found hot

I am working on my first new sex story to publish in 10 years, I hope you all like it, give me about a week and it will debut here. It involves me and a woman going for a ride, with me driving the car, and her sitting in the passenger seat…naked from the waist down.

Anyway, I want to post as often as I reasonably can (full time job and all to distract me from fun stuff like this blog,) tonight is just filler content.

A black and white pic I stumbled upon. (By stumbled upon, I mean “I was surfing for porn, and this image is one that caught my eye and made my cock grow a little more.”) By the way, this post is a bit A.D.D., as the pic below has absolutely nothing to do with the story I am writing….



Erotic Story: Cocksucker

Over 10 years ago, I wrote a lot of erotic stories. They mostly involved fantasies, and are all written from a female point of view (I am male.) I am inspired to write more, it is strange to see something I wrote over 10 years ago…and it still turns me on! (Is it weird to get turned on by your own writing? Is it weird that I hear trumpets when I get turned on?)

Hope you like!

Cocksucker: A Simple Blowjob Story

by Wet Miranda ©


Hello, readers! Unzip your pants, because I’ve got a hot new story for you all. I’m not kidding; I want all you readers to read this post with your pants pulled down. Getting nude would be even better. Turn out the lights, close the door, and grab your cock or pussy. Sit back…relax…enjoy the show!


I was sitting in the middle of Max’s living room. I had gone to the bathroom for a minute to freshen up; when I returned to the living room of his small apartment near the campus of FSU, Barry White was pulsing from the stereo, and Max had lit some tall red tapered candles on the coffee table. A typical romantic mood setting cliché.

Poor Max was trying so hard to get in my pants. We had just met a few hours ago at a kegger. Max was an average looking guy, about 5″9, short brown hair, and kind of skinny. He had convinced me to come up to his apartment around 2:00 this morning; the party we had just left was getting loud and out of control, and we could barely hear our own voices.

He was probably thinking “Please, God, I hope I get lucky. I’m really horny and want to score tonight, but I always strike out.” We had already made out a bit at the party, and I could clearly see the bulge in his jeans. He wanted me so badly…but probably thought he wouldn’t get much further than second base.

Boy was he wrong!

You see, I was in a really slutty mood. I had purposely picked out the shyest, quietest guy at the party. I wanted to find someone who may not have had as much luck with women on the weekends…and totally blow his mind!

I had no intention of fucking him; in a warped way, I had morals that intercourse was only to be done while in a semi-serious relationship. But I had absolutely no qualms about oral sex on a one night stand. I didn’t even want to receive oral sex; sometimes giving a guy I hardly know a hot blowjob can fuel my masturbation fantasies for a few weeks at least; the memories of getting down on my knees and totally rocking a man’s world can make my pussy wet as hell!

“Barry White, huh?” I asked him.

“Yeah, I uh, dig his music!” Max stammered.

“No you don’t! You just put his music on in the hopes of getting laid.”

“No, I really like it!” he lied.

“C’mon, admit it. If you are completely honest, you might get rewarded!” I sat down next to Max and started to rub his lap with my right hand. His bulge grew, straining under his jeans.

Clearly embarrassed, yet wanting to please me, he confessed. “Aw, Miranda. You got me. I read in ‘Maxim’ that all women like Barry White. His music is supposed to get women all hot.”

“Well, Max. You don’t really have to try so hard to get me ‘all hot.’ I unsnapped his pants. My hand went for the zipper, and I quickly unzipped his pants as well.

“Miranda! Oh, wow” he responded to my moves.

Without saying a word, I got off of the sofa, sat down on the floor, and in one swift move I yanked both his pants and his briefs off. I tugged them over his feet and tossed them to the floor. Max was completely stunned, having had his pants pulled off so quickly. We had only been in his apartment for about a half an hour, and he was sitting on his sofa on his bare ass, his cock sprung into the air.

“Oh my God, I wasn’t expecting that!” he yelled.

“Mmm…I guess your Barry White CD did the trick, Max!” I said huskily, trying to imitate the late musician’s voice.

“Don’t you want to take it slower, Miranda? I could caress you a bit first, you know, if you want.”

“Max, now you’re talking too much. Just close your eyes and prepare to get the hottest blowjob of your life! That is, if you’ve ever had any other blowjobs to compare mine too.”

“I have!” he answered too quickly. I looked him in the eyes. He couldn’t keep eye contact with me; I knew he was lying. I kept staring anyway. “O.K., I have never had a blowjob before; this is my first.”

“Good. Just so you know, it won’t always be as good as this one when you get future blowjobs from other women, Max. They will have a very high standard to live up too; I’m the queen of cocksucking around these parts.”

“Oh. That is good to know!”

“Max, prepare to be drained. You’re not going to be able to stand up after I suck your dick, your knees will be so weak!”

My hands kneaded his thighs; my fingers were inches from his balls. He let out a gasp when my nails brushed up against his balls. I grabbed a pillow from the sofa to put under my knees so I could be comfortable. Once I was in a good position, I reached up into his lap and started to jack him off.

“Oh God!” he said.

“No, I’m not God, I’m Miranda” I corrected him.

“Miranda! You’re touch feels so good.”

“You like my hands on your cock? Wait until my mouth is on it! Sucking your shaft, licking the head of your cock, giving you head. You’re in for a treat!”

“Oh Miranda. Fuck.”

I decided that the time for conversation had ended, and I brushed my long red hair against his bare thighs. Men go crazy when I do this; I caressed his thighs with my hair for a few minutes, making sure to get my long silky hair all over his balls and erection as well. I paused for just a second to remove my t-shirt and black lacy bra; guys like to have some skin to look at, and I knew Max would love to see my bare tits.

“Touch my boobs, Max” I demanded. His eyes had been closed, so he hadn’t even realized I was topless. His eyes bulged when he got a look at my naked tits; he quickly felt me up. I let him admire my rack for awhile, savoring the attention and the sensation of his hands squeezing my breasts. He got my nipples all hard, tweaking them just right. I made sure to rub my tits all over his lap for a few minutes; I’ve learned that guys like this move right before I go down on them.

I returned to my kneeling position on the floor, and I roughly spread his legs far apart. The wider the guy’s legs are spread, the easier it is for me to access the cock and balls. I spent some time kissing his thighs, getting closer and closer to his balls as I did this. I made sure he could hear the kissing noises, loudly smacking my lips to affect his sense of hearing with erotic sounds.

He let out a loud moan when I put one of his balls into my mouth. I swished it around inside my mouth, then I switched to the other one; I was also stroking his thighs with my hands. He started breathing hard when I managed to put both his balls into my mouth at once. I tenderly licked his balls while warming them up with my hot mouth. I used my tongue to move them all around; my lips were completely enveloping his entire sack, up to the root of his cock. My hands began to stroke his cock.

“Oh, Miranda!” He didn’t seem capable of saying much else. I liked that; turning a guy on so much he couldn’t really say much besides “Oh Miranda!” I loved hearing my own name shouted out in pleasure.

I removed his balls from my mouth and licked his shaft with the tip of my tongue. I drenched his lap with my saliva. Starting at the root, I worked my way up to the sensitive underside of his cock, right under the head. I gave that area some licks, and then teased him a bit with some long slow licks up and down the shaft. When I knew he really needed some more direct stimulation, I finally put my lips around the whole head of his cock and started to gently suck him off. Fondling his balls with my hand, I slowly lowered my mouth over his entire organ, getting it deep inside my mouth.

I slowly bobbed my head up and down on his lap, getting my hands under him and squeezing his butt. I could hear his breathing getting heavier; I knew he was deeply enjoying his first blowjob. I stopped for just a second so I could answer a question that might have been in his mind.

“Max, when you feel close to orgasm, don’t worry. I swallow! Just let your load out in my throat.”

I told him this information for two reasons. First, many guys are not sure if a girl will “spit or swallow,” so it is good to mention this in advance. I don’t know why some girls are squeamish about swallowing; it is perfectly natural, and the guys fucking love it. I feel so empowered, making a man blow his load inside my throat because I got him off. The only time I don’t swallow is when I want a man to give me a facial; some guys have seen this in porn movies, so I let them come all over my face and hair for a special treat every once in awhile. But this was Max’s first time, I wanted him to savor the experience of being sucked off and having his cum swallowed.

He began to buck his hips up and down; I stroked the root of his cock with my hands and swallowed his shaft again. Swirling my tongue wildly around the underside of the head of his cock, I drove him mad with desire. He was sweating; I could feel it on his thighs, brushing against my face. He kept groaning and moaning with pleasure as I became more firm with my sucking. I drooled and slobbered all over his lap, trying to make the blowjob as wet and messy as possible.

“Oh, Max. I’m going to masturbate when I get back to my dorm room tonight; thinking about this. I love being a cocksucking slut!” I hated to remove his cock from my mouth for even a second, but I knew he would like to hear that bit of information!

“Oh, Miranda, Oh, feels good…” he moaned.

I returned to his cock, sucking like a slut in heat. I made sexual sounds to excite him; years of watching porn had taught me that men love hearing erotic moans from women, even if they are just for effect, not because her pussy is actually getting stimulated.

“Mmm…Oh…Mmppphh…UM!” I moaned. It was hard to really say anything verbal with my mouth filled up. I swished his cock inside my cheeks, getting it as deep into my throat as possible while breathing through my nose. I was buried into his lap; his cock completely inside my mouth, his thighs pressed up against my cheeks, my nose in his lap. My eyelashes brushed up against his pubic hair.

Max’s groans are getting louder and his breathing more desperate. I firmly grabbed his dick with strong suction from my mouth as I fondled his heavy balls. His balls began to draw closer to his thighs, a sign that his orgasm was imminent. I intended to milk him dry; I sucked and licked him lovingly, while stroking his balls. I looked up; his eyes were tightly shut, and his hands were by his side on the sofa. I reached his hands and placed them on my tits, letting him have something soft and pleasant to hold onto while he came.

“Oh…Miranda…I’m gonna come soon, I can tell. I can’t hold it much longer…”

I didn’t answer him verbally; I just sucked him faster and made moaning noises as I prepared to finish him off. My pace and intensity grew with each trip up and down his organ; I made loud slurping and sucking sounds with my mouth. His cock was rock hard and throbbing; I could feel it shaking. I visualized the hot white come loaded up in his balls getting ready to squirt hard.

“OH! Fuck! OHHHHH!” the contractions began, and his erection flexed. I focused the muscles of my mouth and tongue intently on the head of his dick while tightening my grip around his balls. I felt the pre-cum that I had been tasting all throughout the blowjob start to drip out even more. Then the explosion came.

I have given many blowjobs and swallowed many loads of cum, but this was a very intense rush. Maybe it was because this was his first blowjob, or maybe it was because he had a lot of cum built up, but the intensity and amount of come was difficult to handle. I bobbed my head up and down and forced myself to quickly swallow it up, not wanting to lose a drop. He grabbed my boobs tightly; normally I don’t like having them held so tightly, but I didn’t mind, I knew his orgasm was really intense and he needed something to grip onto.

Spurt after spurt of hot cum shot down my throat. I was able to gulp most of it down quickly, but some of it filled my cheeks. His own cum mixed with my saliva as I licked the tip of his shaft, valiantly swallowing it all down. I struggled to breath through my nose, which was buried in his pubic hair, as I finished him off, milking even more cum out of his balls with my hands. Just when I thought it was over, his cock quivered with some involuntary aftershocks, and yet more creamy juice trickled down my throat. I kept his rock hard erection in my mouth after the main part of the orgasm ended; there was drop after drop of cum still dripping out of the head of his dick even though the huge spurting phase had ended.

He completely collapsed, spent and drained. I lovingly stroked his thighs; his cock was still in my mouth, but I had stopped stimulating him as I knew his cock would be very sensitive. I slowly let him withdraw, and gave the head of his cock a soft little kiss, licking off the last remaining drops of fluid.

Eventually, I sat back up on the sofa with him. I let him doze off in my lap. He had a wood desk next to the sofa, and I noticed a piece of paper and pencil on the desk. I didn’t want to wake him; he had gone to heaven and I wanted him to enjoy blissful rest after his rush. I scribbled down a short note:

“Max: I had a great time introducing you to the pleasures of oral sex. I enjoyed being a cocksucker; I hope the experience was everything you expected and more. Sorry I had to go. Just so you know, I’m literally running back to my dorm room right now. You got my cunt so horny; being a cocksucking slut will do that to me. As soon as I get back home, I’m tearing off my jeans and panties and touching my clit till I explode. And I’m going to fantasize about sucking your big hard cock.



Masturbation Monday: Phone Sex

Masturbation Monday

I have not done this in a long time, but it is something I need to do again with my wife.

Before we were married, and even before our first time making love, we used to enjoy some very hot mutual masturbation. (We still do!)

We did not live together, and mostly only were together on weekends. So we chatted on the phone a lot. (This was the late 90s, before cell phones were as widespread, so for this post, use your imagination. Imagine two young lovers to be, 20 miles apart, chatting on land-line phones with cords!)

Sometimes I would ask her the classic “So..what are you wearing?” question…cliche, but it worked for me!

Keep in mind, we had not yet had sex; this was something that was leading to eventual great sex a few months later.

Our regular everyday phone conversations would seamlessly merge into phone sex, gradually. Asking her what she was wearing got the topic moving in a more sexual direction. She would breath heavy, and loosen or remove clothing. I would put my hand on my cock. Sometimes we both masturbated together over the phone, and sometimes one or the other would just talk and help encourage the other one to masturbate.

We would talk about how we were going to fuck in the near future…how I couldn’t wait to plunge my cock into her pussy, how she was eager to experience her pussy slowly taking me in at first and then thrusting deeper and harder.

On the times where she masturbated over the phone with me, I loved to hear the panting and sighing, and she could drive me really crazy by putting the phone near her cunt and letting me actually hear the wet, squishy sound it made when she stuck her own finger inside herself and moved it in and out.I loved talking really dirty over the phone to her, telling her I couldn’t wait to fuck her hard. She usually got kind of quiet suddenly, and that was when I knew her pussy was on the verge of exploding. She usually let out a loud “OH!” or some sound like that that is hard to verbalize in written words. And then she would breath heavily as she came down from her orgasm, her body exhausted from her vigorous masturbation session.

She told me later how she loved it when she could tell that her slutty talk had gotten me close to the edge of coming as I stroked my cock furiously. She would moan and breath hard into my ear, working me up to a frenzy. I imagined her nude body pressed up against mine, and then I imagined that I was actually fucking her right in my bed now. All of this talking from her, combined with my lusty thoughts about her body,  made me explode and shoot out bursts of cum, as I imagined I was fucking her brains out, right at the moment of my hard, intense orgasm…

Erotic Spark #4: A sexy retro surprise for him…actual nude pics when he doesn’t expect it!

Just a little scenario for the ladies to completely surprise your man and make him go crazy!

I won’t get too detailed on this one, but ladies, trust me on this, your man will LOVE this one.

OK, you will have to be high tech enough to figure out a way to take a nude selfie and actually PRINT it out as a physical photo. As hot as digital sexting can be, your guy will be impressed to find a surprise nude PHOTOGRAPH of you when he isn’t expecting it!

Here is the plan:

  1. Take some sexy photos of yourself and print them out. They can be as tame or as bold as you feel comfortable with. Wear an outfit that you know drives your man wild, or if you are more daring, show some nude skin. It doesn’t take much bare female flesh to make a man happy…any glimpse of your breasts or ass will really heat this up a lot. A handwritten note on the back of the photo will make it more personal.
  2. Hide the pic somewhere he isn’t likely to find it easily or stumble upon it. Example: somewhere in his glove compartment of his car, inside the owners manual. Or in some random hiding place in his bedroom, maybe buried in one of his dresser drawers under a lot of clothing. I’m sure you can think of a good spot.
  3. At a random time, when the two of you are not together, just send him a quick text, telling him the location of the photo. Do NOT tell him what he is going to find, just something like “I think I misplaced a paper in your sock drawer. Can you go look for it now, please?”
  4. Congratulations! Get ready for some passionate lovemaking tonight.

Hope this inspires some ladies to do this, would love to hear stories!

Just some random pics of attractive women

I couldn’t think of much to write about today, so I just wanted to show a few pics of women that I find hot. These are all pics I find to be very sexy, hope you like.

As much as I am trying to gear this blog towards both men and women, and hopefully couples, I am displaying pics that I just happen to like personally like a lot; as a straight male, this is what I find appealing.

(All these are from a great Tumblr photo blog, Bare Naked Ladies, which is a collection of women posing COMPLETELY NUDE. From the blog: “absolutely NO clothing, not even shoes or jewelry!”)

FULL DISCLOSURE: I started this Tumblr blog a few months ago, before I came up with an idea for a much more literary type of blog like this blog. It is just a bunch of pics I find hot.

Hope you all enjoy!

Pics that I think are hot #1: Black and White pics of couples

I made a goal to find 5 classy black and white erotic pics today. Furthermore, I had a very specific criteria in mind: To have the 5 pics be as close as possible to being equally appealing to both men and women. Also, I wanted them to be very erotic and sexual, but not totally in your face explicit.

It is sometimes hard to find pics like this that both me and my wife can enjoy together when in a mood to get turned on before sexual activities together, whether that will end up being mutual masturbation, oral, or straight up good old fashioned fucking that night.

Here are the 5 I came up with. I like a wide variety of porn, but just plain old pics sometimes are more fund and a turn on for me than watching slick porn videos with a bunch of fake sighing and money shots.

Feel free to submit your own if you know of any pics like this that fit in with my theme.

TMI Tuesday


1) What book or magazine have you read recently that turned you on?

Hmm…don’t read many books that turn me on, mostly read literature and sci-fi/fantasy. But I have a subscription to Playboy, and love to look at the high quality nude pics to get turned on.

2) What sort of porn do you watch to get aroused?

I am more into what many would consider “Soft-core.” It is more fun to watch together with my wife before we make love. Nice passionate romantic porn…still has very graphic sex, just not crazy gangbangs and pearl necklaces and stuff that hard-core porn fans would like more than I do.

3) What is the sexiest song?

“Crazy on You” by Heart.

4) What music do you like to have on while having sex?

Smoooooothh Jazzzz…

5) When masturbating do you prefer
A) reading smut
B) imagination
C) watching porn
D) I don’t masturbate

B! I like to watch some online porn and I especially like to read sexy blogs by interesting women…hearing some of the dirty things these ladies write about gets me really hard! But after a little bit of stuff like that to get started, I like to just close my eyes and imagine some really nice sex, using bits and pieces of what I have seen and read and imagining them in my head as I stroke my cock.

Bonus: What is the sweetest sexy song?

“Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye.

I didn’t make this list of questions, they all come from TMI Thursday Blog. It is a confessional of sorts where people come to reveal too much information–sexy secrets, dirty deeds, and more.

Erotic Spark#3: Texting each other when you are both home

Send a sexy text to your partner… when you are both already home!

Ok, this is a simple idea, but it will most likely be a total surprise to your lover if you try it. Even if you have both sent sexy texts to each other, it is pretty unexpected to get a text like this, or any text really, when you are both already home.

This one can be done by either the man or the woman. I am a married man, so I will obviously give an example from my perspective, but this can work for women and will have quite an arousing effect on your man if you try it, ladies!


I imagine that my wife Clarissa is in the living room for this Erotic Spark. I text her from the bedroom. She is sitting in the living room, bored, flipping through channels on tv, probably watching something boring. She hears a ringtone on her phone indicating she has an incoming text. She is perplexed to see that it is from me, since she knows I am home and just a few rooms away from her…

“Hey! It me.”

“I know, I see your name on the text, why are you texting me from home when I am here too?” she replies.

“I have something I need your help with. It is a minor problem, but it is kind of hard…to explain.”

“Then why don’t you come into the living room?!” is her next response.

“Because I just am in a mood to lie down on the bed. I am not tired or anything, just feel like being in the bed. Can you just come in here for a sec and lend me a hand? ”

“Well…ok, sure, this is kind of weird though.”

When she comes into the bedroom, I am lying on my back in our bed, wearing a tight black pair of boxer-briefs, and nothing else. My cock is bulging and can barely be contained in my underwear. The room is freshly cleaned and the bed just made up with our nicest red sheets. A vase with a fresh rose that she didn’t know I had bought this morning is on her nightstand.

“Thanks for coming so quick, Clarissa! I think it is time to put my phone down now.” I text her, timing my pushing of the send button perfectly so that her phone goes off right when she walks into the room.

She smiles at me. Women love surprises, and even though she knows that my motivation was mostly to get her to come into the bedroom for some sexual fun time, it totally works…she helps me with my “hard” problem within a few minutes of hopping into our bed with me!


As hot as I think this idea is, as a dude I would totally LOVE to have the roles reversed here. Ladies…give this a try; imagine your man’s shock when he walks in the room and you are dressed in something skimpy that he likes, or maybe even some new lingerie that he has never seen before! And I wouldn’t worry about providing the flower in the vase part…hey, we are guys, we probably wouldn’t even notice that little touch, especially if there was a pair of barely covered breasts just feet away from us!


Hope that some of you out there try this Erotic Spark out, and let me know how it works! I haven’t tried it on her yet…if I do, I will provide the details!